Monday, May 18, 2009

shared travel picture suggestions

Do take fun or unusual pictures?

I tend to take them while traveling.

It's a tradition for family trips. Today with digital cameras those touristy photo shops might not be as popular as before. You know the ones where you get dressed up and pose in some staged set. One of my favorite family pictures was from the Wisconsin Dells area where we dressed up as late 1800's bank robbers. I don't have a digital copy of that one. Always fun to dress up.

The above picture is from a time travel trip to the Cretaceous period when I almost lost my hat. Ok, it was in Colorado.

I posted a picture from a European trip and challenged the readers to guess the city. Well the power of the internet searching made that go quick. I plan to do it again. So watch this space.

Here's the link to that post:
useful and entertaining public art

The winning reader/guesser suggests these travel pictures of hers:
kit suggested travel pics
(Actually that links to 9 pictures, all from Jekyll Island, GA. )

Another reader, Glennis, posted a great picture of a statue at an airport in New Zealand. check it out

I hope to be adding more links to travel pics here in the future.